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Harvests and Last Plantings.

harvestingLate June is a time for harvesting vegetables from early sowings.

If you have not already done so, you should plant brassicas for autumn crops, either those you have grown yourself or modules I have raised; we have kale and calabrese.


leeksI have spare leek seedlings ready to plant out now. Let me know when you want them and I will lift them for you. You will need 6-8 for each 1.2m row; plant one or two rows. I planted out mine last week on plot 248 - see the bed covered in mesh.  Let me know when you want them and I will lift them for you.

Squash and Courgettes

coirgettesEarly May is a very busy time for sowing and planting frost sensitive plants, namely runner beans and french beans, courgettes and squash.  This post is about courgettes and squash and you see from the plan that I posted that you need only a few of each.  The courgettes are in the communal poly tunnel ready to be potted on. 

Runner Beans and French Beans in early May

runner beansI often sow in modules and then plant out but, as the poly tunnel is not available for group sessions, we shall sow some in situ, some in the poly  tunnel using your mini-plot time slots, and I will grow a few spares in case some seeds don't germinate.

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