Sowing peas in a gutter.
Plant out radish modules if well rooted.  Cover with fleece.

Radish - see the article in Crops and the Instagram posts from the last few years.

Early sowings inside: peas in a gutter

  • See the peas article, in Veg Course Crops, which has information about sowing.
  • As with the previous lesson, examples of the various stages of sowing will be on the bench for you to see and copy.
  • Use the 1.2m long gutter that has drainage holes along its length.
  • Fill the gutter with compost and firm it. Don't worry about not being able to fill right to the ends.
  • Water thoroughly.
  • The peas are sown in two rows in the gutter with peas about 7cm apart. The compost in the gutter can be watered prior to inserting the peas a nail's width deep.
  • Cover with dry compost.

Plot preparation

  • Use a spade or hoe to break up the lumpy manure.
  • Use a hand trowel to lift any perennial weeds and dump them in a 'Dalek'.
  • Hoe thoroughly, including the woodchip path.
  • Do the weeding and hoeing each week. It takes only 15 minutes or so to do your whole plot and it will keep your plot weed free.