Over the next few weeks and months we will be discussing plot renovation as most of you have your own plots.  The scale of renovation will depend on the sate of your plot. Read this article on PLOT RENOVATION first.

Radishes, spinach and potatoes

Sow radishes and spinach in module trays in the Communal Polytunnel, plot 74B.

  • See the radishes and spinach articles, in Veg Course Crops, which have videos about sowing.
  • The module trays have 40 module cells but we will need only 20 cells so just fill 20 with compost, 10 for radishes and 10 for spinach.
  • For radishes make a shallow (5mm or so) hole or thumb imprint in each cell and drop in four or five seeds in each hole; they will push themselves apart as they grow. Lightly cover with compost.
  • For spinach make a shallow (5mm or so) or so hole or thumb imprint in each cell and drop in three seeds in each hole; we shall later thin to one seedling per cell. Lightly cover with compost.
  • If you prefer, or if you run out of time, you could take your seed tray, bag of compost and seeds home and sow at home.
  • We haven't got a watering can each so best to do watering at home.
  • Keep your seed tray warm at home, in an airing cupboard or warm room, but bring the seedlings into the light as soon as the seeds germinate - after 4 days or so for radishes. Don't leave them in the dark once germinated.
  • Bring your seed tray back to the polytunnel next week and leave on the bench. The seedlings are quite hardy.

View your mini-plot

  • The beds have been covered to starve weeds of light but are now ready for planting.
  • The beds should be 1.2m/4' wide with narrow paths.  The paths have got wider and the beds narrower so we shall correct this by spreading the compost that is on top of the beds and concentrating the woodchips on the paths.
  • If you wish you could use a spade or hoe to break up the lumpy manure, but there is no great need.
  • Use a hand trowel to lift any perennial weeds and dump them on the compost heap. There may be some deep rooted comfrey plant weeds and these may be better eased out with a garden fork.
  • Hoe thoroughly, including the woodchip path.
  • Do the weeding and hoeing each week. It takes only 15 minutes or so to do your whole plot and it will keep your plot weed free.

Spread manure onto the beds on Plot 162.

Chitting potatoes

  • Each of you has a tray of potatoes, about six or so.
  • Take them home and keep them somewhere cool and light (not in the dark!)so they develop their short chits or stems.
  • They are easily stored in half egg boxes.