Shop News

  • The on-line shop  is temporarily closed for orders and will be open again for orders from Wednesday 2 December as we our doing our annual stock take during the next seven days.
  • The next shop opening for all members will be on Sunday 6 December  for pre-booked orders.
  • Orders should be placed AND paid for before 1.00pm on Friday 4 December.
  • The shop will be closed on 29 November, the latter date and preceding and following days being used for the annual stock take.

Ant killer 300g


BugClear Fruit & Veg Conc. Ultra 800g


BugClear Ultra 200ml


Codling Moth Trap


Codling Moth Trap Refill


Copper Mixture flask


Fly Papers (greenhouse) 4 pack


Fly Papers (greenhouse) single


Greenhouse DIsinfectant 500ml


Slug Killer Solabiol ferric phos 700g


Slug Killer Westland ferric phos 575g


Slug Trap With Attractant - 3pk


Winter Tree Wash 500ml


Yellow Sticky Trap - 7 pack


Yellow Sulphur flask