Shop News

  • The on-line shop  is temporarily closed for orders and will be open again for orders from Wednesday 2 December as we our doing our annual stock take during the next seven days.
  • The next shop opening for all members will be on Sunday 6 December  for pre-booked orders.
  • Orders should be placed AND paid for before 1.00pm on Friday 4 December.
  • The shop will be closed on 29 November, the latter date and preceding and following days being used for the annual stock take.

Blood Fish and Bone 5-5-6 25kg


Blood Fish and Bone 5-5-6 3kg


Bonemeal 3.5-18.5-0 25kg


Bonemeal 3.5-18.5-0 3kg


Calcified Seaweed Granules 25kg


Calcified Seaweed Granules 3kg


Calcified Seaweed Ground 25kg


Calcified Seaweed Ground 3kg


Calcified Seaweed per kilo


Compost Activator 3kg


Compost Activator per kilo


Epsom Salt 9.65%Mg 13%S 3kg


Growmore 7-7-7 25kg


Growmore 7-7-7 3kg


Kieserite per kilo


Leek & Onion fertilizer per kilo


Lime Ground 25kg


Lime Ground 3kg


Potato Fertiliser 6x10x10 25kg


Potato Fertiliser 6x10x10 3kg


Sulphate of Ammonia 21-0-0 3kg


Sulphate of Potash 3kg


Superphosphate 0-18-0 3kg


Vitax 6X chicken manure pellets 20kg


Vitax 6X natural plant feed 15kg (DISCOUNTED)