Summer Harvests

Please continue to follow government guidelines on social contact to ensure your own safety when on site.

EDAA also ask you to follow these simple guidelines 

  • Observe “Social Distancing” on your plot and pathways.
  • Do not share tools
  • Do not wash your hands in water troughs
  • Only use your own water tap key.

 With some extra cleaning in place we are able to reopen the toilets on both sites. Plotholders are asked to follow current advice on thorough hand washing to ensure their own safety

Both sites have returned to their standard practice over gate locking. Site security is a shared responsibility and we all need to be diligent in this.

"Plotting for the Future" is the focus for the National Allotments Week, which is set for the 9th - 5th August this year. We will be celebrating with activities that recognize the value we all gain from our allotments and particularly how they enable us to contribute to a shared, sustainable future. 

The late winter hedge cutting programme on both sites has revealed considerable amounts of historic rubbish in the hedges. We would like to remind plotholders that "fly tipping" of household or allotment rubbish into shared spaces on either site is unimaginative and thoughtless. Rubbish left around the site is unsightly for everyone else and can often be dangerous. It cannot be left but neither can the committee be expected to physically clear the site. Paying for rubbish removal, therefore, has to come from allotment funds and takes money way from site development. We will try and deal with this issue fairly quickly but meanwhile ask plotholders to please treat this shared green space with the care it deserves and the same care they'd give to their own front garden.

Now the winter bonfire months are over plotholders are asked to compost as much of their organic waste as they are able. Anything that is diseased or too woody must be kept until the autumn to burn or taken to the recycling centre.

 There have been lots of applications for polytunnels recently and the committee remind everyone with a tunnel that they cannot rely on metered water alone for their tunnels and that they also need to collect water for their crops.

 Plotholders who keep birds are reminded that, because of the risk of avian flu, any very sick birds or bird deaths should be assessed by a vet. The association takes it's responsibility towards livestock very seriously, and it is important that plotholders wanting to keep chickens, ducks, or bees on their plots seek both permission and guidance before they begin.

 David Smith the HL rat officer has put together a leaflet giving detailed guidance on how to discourage rats from visiting your plot and how to minimise the risk of coming into contact with rat urine. This information can be found in the info section at the end of this website. He has been looking around the HL site for obvious problems . Annie Goodman has recently taken on the task of rat prevention/ guidance at Pound Lane. Anyone needing to use rat poison should speak to Annie PL52 or David or apply via general inquiries on the allotment website. Remember that rats are inevitably everywhere on site so, please wash any allotment vegetables thoroughly before eating.

Site improvements:

The exciting project to create a clubhouse for community use at Hamilton Lane is progressing well. A ceiling has been put in which is already making the space much warmer. Cupboards and shelves  have been donated and a sink and water has been plumbed in.

The new path servicing plots 1-8 at Hamilton Lane has been created. This should be life changing for plotholders in that area and we hope to extend the path next year.

We have funding allocated to repaint all three community buildings on Pound Lane this spring. If you would like to help with this task please let Carolyn, Tony or Ken know. Getting this done will help stop the buildings from deteriorating and also smarten up the site no end.

 We are planning to create several bays for manure delivery on Pound Lane. This will enable plotholders who do not have a roadside plot to get manure dumped fairly near their plot.





Waiting for Frogs
Waiting for Frogs


New Wildlife Hedge at PL
New Wildlife Hedge at PL