cm Bed 1   Bed 2   Bed 3
30 radish   potatoes   courgettes
30 broad beans        
30 broad beans        
30 peas        
30 peas        
30 onion sets        
30 onion sets   sweet corn   squash
30 spinach        
30 spinach        
30 lettuce        
30 beetroot    cabbage    
30 carrots        runner beans
30 parsnips    calabrese    
30 leeks        
30 leeks    kale    
25 french beans        
25 french beans        seed bed


Each plot consists of 3 beds, 500cm long x 120cm wide. 

All plantings, except for the seed bed, are in 120cm rows across the beds.

The 120cm wide beds allow for reaching the middle of the beds easily from the paths with no need to step on the beds.

Please click to download and print blank mini-plot layout