Sowing Broad Beans in Modules

veg courseBroad beans are often sown directly in the autumn to overwinter as small plants; this gives an earlier crop and avoids the worst of the blackfly that broad beans attract. However we will sow in modules.

We need 12-16 plants later to be transplanted, spread along two rows on our 120cm bed.

Use the same seed tray that we used for radishes and spinach.  There should be 16 spare cells.

Fill and firm the compost in the modules and then make a small hole and press the beans so they are on their edge, rather than lying flat, below the surface. Water the compost after covering the seeds.  Use the video on the radishes page as a reminder.

Leave on the bench for a few weeks while the seeds germinate.

Planting Broad Beans

broad beans and peasModules of broad beans can be planted in the same way as other module raised plants such as radishes. Plant 2 parallel rows about 30cm apart and 60cm from other row crops. Spacing is shown on the photo.  The double row of broad beans is on the right and the pea gutter on the left. Cover with fleece for a few weeks.

Supporting Broad Beans

broad beansWe can use six 4' high canes, strung at intervals to support the beans. Use a metal spike to provide a hole for putting the cane in rather than trying to push the cane into what might be hard ground. Tony is modelling the canes and string for the broad beans. The support for runner beans can be seen in the background.