Multi-sowing in Modules

Radish seeds can be sown directly in the ground, in seed trays to 'prick out' later, singly in modules, or multi-sown in modules.  Radishes grow quickly and can be sown and harvested at different times during the season.  We shall be multi-sowing in modules.

Charles Dowding has a video on multi-sowing, showing how to multi-sow for peas, radishes, beetroots and onions.  We shall sow radishes in our first lesson and beetroots in a later lesson.

Make a shallow (5-10mm) hole or thumb imprint in each cell and drop in four or five seeds in each hole; they will push themselves apart as they grow. Sow 12 modules in all and take your seed tray home so the seeds can germinate in the warmth and they will show in 5 days or so.  If you start in an airing cupboard don't leave them in the dark after they have germinated.  Bring back to the communal polytunnel next lesson if not before. We shall plant them in two or three weeks time.

Don't forget to write a label for your seed tray - your name, date and seeds - e.g. Joe Bloggs - 28/2/21 - radish.

You may need to water your seedlings.

Planting Modules & Covering with Fleece

The second half of this video (5m.55) shows planting of radishes and then fleecing.


For radish and other plugs I would move the inch or so of surface muck in the row and plant in the soil below; the muck will level out of its own accord. Our muck/compost mulch is not as fine as Charles Dowding's.

Cover with fleece when planted. 

The radish modules will be planted in a single row across the bed; the beds are 1.2m (4') wide so space the 12 module plugs 10cm (4") apart. Cover with fleece. The fleece is 5m long and will be used to cover more plantings over the next few weeks; for now just fold it over outside the planted area and weigh it down.