You have a busy week ahead with planting potatoes as the first job.  I will move the pea gutters and broad bean trays under some fleece near the 251 compost heap later next week.  The beans might be awkward to tease out of the module cells; try to keep as much soil on as possible but it's not critical. Water in peas and beans after planting.

Hoeing - best to hoe bare soil weekly, especially now it is dry so weeds will shrivel up in the sun.

Time Slots - there are some spare slots so feel free to use them.


Charles Dowding has an excellent video on planting Charlotte potatoes, the same variety that we have. I usually plant 3 across a bed and space the rows at 60cm.  His soil is very easy to trowel; you may need to use a spade.  His video is from the second week of April so anytime from Sunday 5/4 would be good.  We will need the fleeced bed for other crops so plant your potatoes in the other bed.  (The 'other bed' is the 3.5m x 1.2m bed next to the fleeced bed on the same side of the plot.) You will see that Charles later tops up the soil with compost but we will have to rake up our surface soil/compost from between the rows into ridges.


There is a video on how to ease your pea gutter into a narrow trench.  Have the pea row about 60 cm from other rows.
Extend the fleece over the peas.  We shall add pea sticks later.
Sarah Raven has another take on the use of gutter pipes for lots of different seeds. Clever stuff!

Broad Beans

Plant out a double row of broad beans 20cm apart in the row and between rows - 12 plants in all.  Here is a photo of my beans and peas planted April 1st, but sown earlier than yours.  Have the double row of beans about 60 cm from other rows.  I planted 8 per row but should have spaced to give 6 per row. Plant slightly deep so the leaves are level with the surface. Extend the fleece.

See the photo below of my beans and peas on the first bed on plot 250.