After the introductory session on February 23, lessons will be fortnightly from March 15 until the end of June.  Thereafter most time will be spent in maintaining plots and harvesting crops. At least one of the course leaders will be available every Sunday morning until the end of the season. We shall do our best to do a catch up if you miss a lesson. Once the sowing season starts in March you should plan on a minimum of a weekly visit, days to suit your own commitments, to manage your seedlings, plants and plots. We plan to have a WhatsApp group so you can easily get someone from the group to catch you up if you are unable to attend.

All sessions will be 10.30 - 12.30 on Sunday mornings in the Communal Polytunnel at Hamilton Lane, plot 74B.

Lesson 1: February 23
Meet the team - tea and cake in the polytunnel
View and choose your mini-plots
Chitting potatoes
Long term methods for clearing weeds
Making compost to improve soil fertility

March 1
Sunday morning with no lesson
Plot preparation
We may visit other allotment plots

March 8
as above

Lesson 2:  March 15
Early sowings outside: onions and shallots – ‘sets’ rather than seeds
Early sowings inside: peas, broad beans, lettuces and cabbages
Sowing in modules and seed trays

March 22

Lesson 3: March 29
(this date may change depending on germination times)
Inside: pricking out of lettuces and cabbages
Sowings inside:  beetroot, radish and spinach
Sowing in clumps or individually

April 5

Lesson 4:  April 12
Plant potatoes.
Plant out vegetables previously raised under cover, protection for cabbages and supports for peas

April 19

Lesson 5: April 26
Sow inside in modules/trays: runner beans, courgettes, sweetcorn, dwarf French beans, leeks, squash, sprouts

May 3

Lesson 6: May 10
Plant out vegetables previously raised under cover
Sow outside: carrots and parsnips

May 17

Lesson 7: May 24
Things to look out for; pests and diseases
Fruit and vegetables garden walk

May 31

Lesson 8: June 7
Harvest early vegetables
Sow kale in modules

June 14

June 21

June 28

Lesson 9: July 5
Successional sowings, catch crops
Sow fennel in modules

July – October
Harvesting and maintaining plots

Lesson 10: November – dates to be confirmed
Preparation of beds for 2021 course
Removing unwanted comfrey roots
Removing tree stump and roots

November 29
Final session: tea and cakes in the polytunnel