coirgettesEarly May is a very busy time for sowing and planting frost sensitive plants, namely runner beans and french beans, courgettes and squash.  This post is about courgettes and squash and you see from the plan that I posted that you need only a few of each.  The courgettes are in the communal poly tunnel ready to be potted on. 

Use the larger pots on the bench for potting on.

I suggest potting on 2xDefender, a standard green variety, 1xAtena/ Polka, a yellow variety, and 2xMidnight which is a more compact variety that could be planted two across the row.  Also pot up a few spares and leave these on the communal part of the bench. You can leave your potted plants on the bench or take them home; they will be ready to plant out a week or so after potting on.

I have potted on squash plants and I will leave them for you to plant out later; more details via email when they are ready.  If you have your own they could be planted out now - at least 60cm apart in a single row along a 120cm bed.  Don't try to squeeze in extra plants!


If you don't want to use the tunnel please let me know and I will sow for you.