runner beansI often sow in modules and then plant out but, as the poly tunnel is not available for group sessions, we shall sow some in situ, some in the poly  tunnel using your mini-plot time slots, and I will grow a few spares in case some seeds don't germinate.

Use the smaller pots on the bench for sowing seeds.

Runner Beans need a structure to climb up. I suggest using the design on plot 250 which uses eight 240cm canes and one 120cm cane across the top.  It is worth adding the two canes at an angle for stability.  Alternatively you could do an eight cane wigwam similar to the one on plot 249.  Canes are in the shed at the back of plot 251 and there is a ball of string under the box on the compost heap - pull the twine from the top and don't take it out of its wrapper - else all hell will break loose! Bring your own scissors or knife. Use the metal rod with the curly pig's tail head to make 'pilot holes' for the canes to go in; canes should be inserted with the thicker end in the soil.  The string can also be added to the broad beans canes as I have done.

You need 6 plants across the 120cm bed aligned with the lines of the canes either side of the structure, giving 12 plants in all, 6 of each variety. Start by sowing 8 seeds, 4 of each variety 30cm apart (8 seeds in all), 3-5cm deep.  Add the pot sown seeds later and remove the two weakest seedlings from each side.  The seeds are in the box in the communal poly tunnel.

Dwarf French Beans don't need support and should be sown as a double row, about 40cm between rows, as we did with broad beans, ending up with 6 plants in each row.  Start by sowing 12 seeds across each row (24 seeds in all), 3-5cm deep, and thin later. The seeds are in the plastic box on the Plot 251 compost heap.

I have sown my French Beans at the end of the first bed on Plot 250 so you can see the spacing.

If you don't want to use the tunnel please let me know and I will sow for you.