Hamilton Lane Shop open on Wednesdays for cash customers

Hamilton Lane Shop will be opening on Wednesdays 10.30 to 12.00 from now on with safety measures in place for cash customers. You should NOT order on-line for the Wednesday shop.

Shop staff will use PPE – gloves and face mask - and hand sanitiser will be available for use when customers enter shop

Customers  - please respect your own safety and the safety of the shop volunteer by only entering the shop one at a time.

Waiting customers must wait in the car park 2m apart until other customer leaves. Only enter the shop if you need to for heavy goods otherwise they can be brought to you at the door.  

As usual customers must keep 2m away from shop staff at all times and stand behind the marked line, especially while paying.

Where possible please check price list before you shop and have correct change.

It is important that these expectations are adhered to and compliance will be reviewed for safety to make sure volunteers and customers are safe. If there is a second wave it may close once more.   

We do not have the resources to open the Pound Lane shop at the present time.


Hamilton Lane: toilet opening and use of the communal garden and BBQ area HL141

As the restrictions on social distancing ease we can allow, from Saturday 18th July, the use of the BBQ facilities on the communal garden on Hamilton Lane plot 141, as it provides space for social distancing and family groups in accordance with government guidelines. We have considered requests and agreed for a family to use it on Saturday afternoon 18th July but from then on it is available to use.

A polite reminder that if you have gardeners nearby please be considerate.

Please remove any litter and BBQ ash – it can be extinguished with water from the tap at the side  of the shed - leaving the area as you wish to find it. The BBQ area on Hamilton Lane will be in use on Saturday 18th July in the afternoon but from then on its free to use.

This is not a return to other BBQs on plots and certainly not bonfires, both of which will be reviewed in September in accordance with national guidance at that point.

On Hamilton Lane we are also opening the toilet facilities by the shed at weekends from Saturday 18th July, which will support the use of the BBQ area, as we will have a cleaning regime in place.  The toilet opening is dependent on volunteers so the toilets may not be open every weekend. Due to lack of resources and for safety reasons we are unable to open the Pound Lane toilet at the moment.


Pound Lane: communal garden, communal BBQ area and toilets

On Pound Lane the communal garden and barbeque can be used but at the present time on Pound Lane the summer house and toilets remain unavailable due to lack of resources and for safety reasons.

This is not a return to other BBQs on plots and certainly not bonfires, both of which will be reviewed in September in accordance with national guidance at that point.


Hamilton Lane: phased return to access of toilet

From Saturday 18th July the toilet will be open on Saturdays and Sundays with provision in place for it to be cleaned following NSALG guidance. This access is dependent on a volunteer being available so may not be possible every weekend.

The government is continuing to discourage use of public toilets so you must risk assess your own safety and act accordingly. 

Please keep the toilet and general area clean and thoroughly wash your hands after use to protect surfaces.

Please DO NOT flush any wipes into the sewage system as it causes blockages. Take them with you and dispose of them responsibly.

If anyone in your home is self-isolating for 14 days or if they continue to completely shield please do not use the toilets, both for their protection and everyone else’s. Thank you.