The very last of my seeds that I have been waiting for are the leeks. They seem to have taken ages and there appears to be more than one way of  producing new leeks.

1. Cut off the seed heads and store them somewhere dry. I am using the green house but a paper bag in the house would be fine too. Eventually the seedpods will split open and the seed can be shaken out and stored for next year.

2. When I pulled up the leeks to cut off the seed heads many of the stems had developed bulbs and cloves like garlic. Some have already sprouted and formed new leeks. I planted those that haven't in a new bed to see what comes up and when.

3. I buried one of the seed heads in this winter's leek bed and they sprouted. I then dug them up, separated them and replanted them in a new bed. They might make small leeks in late spring early summer. I'll let you know!