March 27
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Rent Renewals for 2020
Rent for 2020 is now due and John has sent out rent renewal notices to everyone.

If you have not received your rent renewal request for 2020 please come to the shop with your postal or email address written down, so that we can check that we have up-to-date contact details for everyone. Alternatively you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Flowering Bank at Pound Lane
Flowering Bank at Pound Lane

The AGM  Cheryl Chessum, our new Chairperson, opened the meeting by welcoming the good number of plotholders that had turned out on a fairly wild, wintry Saturday to support the association. She explained that, although there have been several changes in officers during the year, this had not significantly hindered the running of the association and that there was much to celebrate. In the summer Hamilton Lane was awarded outstanding in the RHS Britain in Bloom "It's Your Neighbourhood" event. A group led by John Singleton and Dawn Witkiss took on the enormous task of renovating a derelict polytunnel to create a new community polytunnel. This is now available for plothoders to rent space and will be used to run a vegetable growing course. Our other site in Pound Lane is looking very smart owing to the efforts of the new volunteer maintenance group, who have worked hard across the winter making significant improvements all round the site. Monthly winter working parties have cleared one boundary to create a wildlife hedge which will be planted with slips donated by the Woodland Trust in the next few weeks.

Members studied this year's financial record led by John Barwick, who took over as treasurer in the summer. He explained that, from now on, he will prepare EDAA annual accounts and that they will be reviewed by Mark Hazel of Sovereign Accounts and shared with the Town Council.

 As is customary, we voted in our officers and committee for the next year. The officers will be; Cheryl Chessum - chair, Tony Hunter - vice chair, and John Barwick - treasurer. Julia Jacobs and Janet Cuff will be the site coordinators for HL and Tony Hunter the site coordinator for PL.Other committee members will be Eddie Cowley, Carolyn Priest, John Singleton and Annie Goodman.  John Patrick will serve as our president with Janet Cuff as vice president.

Cheryl pointed out that we still have a vacancy for a committee secretary.This significant but discreet role organizing and minuting minutes, is vital to keep the association running smoothly. If there is anyone out there who could undertake this supportive role the committee are very keen to hear from you.

Awards This year the EDAA shield for Best Plot was awarded to Sue and Ken Davies for their lovely plot at Hamilton Lane and the Chair's Cup was awarded  to Hosu Ioan for his contributions to the Pound Lane allotment community.

Keith Richard, Suzanne Long, David Minty, David Cresswell and Gillian Moger Taylor from Hamilton Lane were all awarded certificates recognizing the high standard of their plots.

Percy Jenkin, Eileen Davey, Phil Bater, Sarah Taylor and Mark Cherry from Pound Lane also received certificates

Working Party at Pound Lane
Working Party at Pound Lane



Old tools - If  you are spring cleaning your shed and find tools that you don't use or that are in need of some attention please don't throw them away. Bring them to the shed on either site where we will be making a collection. They will be taken to Exeter prison to be repaired and renovated. 

Foxes There was a family of foxes under a derelict shed at Hamilton lane but they have moved on and the shed has been taken down. Please be aware that foxes, like badgers, are a protected species.

Broken Glass Broken Glass is a safety hazard on the allotments. The committee would prefer you to take any broken glass on your plot to the council tip.However this may not always be possible. 

Broken glass has been collected from Pound Lane allotments for some months in containers close to the summerhouse and the turning circle.
At Hamilton Lane site there are containers placed outside the shop, at Arthur's Pass and near the raised beds on the Kingston Road section.
The containers are for broken glass only, not glass in frames. It must fit into the container so needs to be in smaller pieces. Please do not create a safety hazard by leaving glass outside the container. If the containers fill quickly you may have to wait before adding your glass.

Slug pellets We now have new slug pellets in the shop. They are based on Ferric Phosphate, are organic and break down in the soil. At £4.00 per drum these are very competitively priced.

Clean air The committee has been made aware of the District Council's Clean Air Policy and, to that end, has decided to encourage plotholders to compost as much garden waste as possible and reduce the use of bonfires.

Plotholders having a bonfire are reminded that it is important to follow EDAA guidelines carefully so that environmental impact is kept to  minimum:

  • Only dry organic material that is a waste product from the allotment may be burned. Plastics, rubber and other oil-based products must not be burned.
  • A bonfire must not be allowed to give out dense smoke and must be doused if this happens. Smoke should not be allowed to drift towards houses or across nearby highways.
  • No fire should be left unattended.



Family Meal at Pound Lane
Family Meal at Pound Lane Allotments