Flowering Bank at Pound Lane
Flowering Bank at Pound Lane

Diary date A date to put straight into your new 2020 diary. As usual, the AGM will be held in early February - Saturday 15th at St John's Church,  Withycombe Village Road.Time to be confirmed.

Britain in Bloom The certificate for our gold "It's Your Neighbourhood" community gardening award has arrived and will go on display in the Hamilton Lane shop very soon.

EDAA Management Changes and Update  Since August there have been some personnel changes on the EDAA management committee. Details of our current management structure can be seen on the link below. It shows how both the short and longer term management of the Association will continue.

Please click to read the full EDAA Management document

Changes in officers After many years of hard work Gill and Roger have both decided to stand down from their roles on the committee. They have worked tirelessly for the association and we thank them on behalf of the membership for the time, energy and dedication they have given to the allotments. We must now begin the difficult task of finding a replacement secretary. 

New Treasurer John Barwick has jumped enthusiastically into this role and has currently embarked on the Herculean task of rationalizing the rent book and tenancy agreements ready to issue rent renewal requests, as usual, in the new year. The committee is grateful for the expertise and energy that John brings to this demanding voluntary role.

Site maps We would like to thank John Jacobs for the new maps that he has produced for both sites. The colour-coordinated "who's who" will be a huge help in keeping track of plots and plotholders.  

Communal Polytunnel Opening with cakes and cider!
Communal Polytunnel Opening with cakes and cider!

Community polytunnel Things have moved on with this exciting project. The cover is on, the interior has been fitted out and plotholders who are renting indoor growing space are moving in. This is primarily for plotholders who do not have access to indoor growing space and it will enable them to get their seedlings off to a sturdy (and slug proof) start. Because this is a shared space there will necessarily be strict guidelines for how the tunnel is used.

Novice gardeners on the waiting list will also be offered the opportunity to take part in a gardening course run from this community space.

See this month's blog for further details of both of these projects and instructions on how to apply. 

Impressive new plotholders  A handful of new tenants at Hamilton Lane have taken on difficult plots. We have been impressed by the hard work they have put into getting these neglected plots clear and ready for action. We are sure all their hard work will pay off and wish them happy times growing and eating next year.

HL site clearance As part of our continuing site improvements we have spent two days strimming and clearing the base of the bank at the end of the main site. This has brought a significant area back into shared use and it is ready to store bark chippings and for composting.

Working Party at Pound Lane
Working Party at Pound Lane

PL wildlife hedge This winter our monthly working parties have focused their efforts on the site boundary with Read Close. We have been clearing the banks and getting ready to plant a hedge of native fruiting bushes. Like the perennial wildflower bank created last winter beside gate 2, this year's project will not only enhance the site for "human" users but also support wildlife and encourage biodiversity; a "win win" situation, surely!

PL turning circle Adrian Spiller and his voluntary maintenance team have begun building a retaining wall to hold the banks that edge the turning circle beside the PL shop. Its not an exciting project, but as both banks were falling away and becoming hazardous, it was a great relief when an experienced and skilled brickie like Ken Campbell offered to help us get it sorted.

Vacant plots There are currently several vacant plots on both sites and we hope to get new tenants enrolled on these so that they can get to work as soon the soil is dry enough to work on.

King's Seeds The seed orders have arrived and are now ready for you to pick up from the shops on both sites.

Bangers and Goulash The rain stopped for us on 5th of November and plotholders from both sites, friends and our Pound Lane neighbours all gathered for a wonderful evening of delicious soups, goulash and hot dogs. Many thanks to Jenny and Chris Gates for organizing this event alongside busy working lives and poorly relatives. Also thanks to Hosu Ioan for his help with the "binfire" and his yummy goulash. 

Broken Glass Broken Glass is a safety hazard on the allotments. The committee would prefer you to take any broken glass on your plot to the council tip.  However this may not always be possible.
Broken glass has been collected from Pound Lane allotments for some months in containers close to the summerhouse and the turning circle.
At Hamilton Lane site there are containers placed outside the shop, at Arthur's Pass and near the raised beds on the Kingston Road section.
The containers are for broken glass only, not glass in frames. It must fit into the container so needs to be in smaller pieces. Please do not create a safety hazard by leaving glass outside the container. If the containers fill quickly you may have to wait before adding your glass.

Slug pellets We now have new slug pellets in the shop. They are based on Ferric Phosphate, are organic and break down in the soil. At £4.00 per drum these are very competitively priced.

Clean air The committee has been made aware of the District Council's Clean Air Policy and, to that end, has decided to encourage plotholders to compost as much garden waste as possible and reduce the use of bonfires.

Plotholders having a bonfire are reminded that it is important to follow EDAA guidelines carefully so that environmental impact is kept to  minimum:

  • Only dry organic material that is a waste product from the allotment may be burned. Plastics, rubber and other oil-based products must not be burned.
  • A bonfire must not be allowed to give out dense smoke and must be doused if this happens. Smoke should not be allowed to drift towards houses or across nearby highways.
  • No fire should be left unattended.









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Family Meal at Pound Lane
Family Meal at Pound Lane Allotments