Support for novice gardeners The new community polytunnel at Hamilton Lane is well underway now with the site cleared, the new cover installed and the interior being fitted out. When completed it is planned to use this amazing space to run a course for beginner gardeners. There are plans to offer similar opportunities at Pound Lane in the near future.

Indoor growing space  The new polytunnel will also provide indoor space for plotholders who do not have access to a greenhouse or tunnel to rent.

See this months blog for further details of these projects and instructions on how to apply for either of these exciting new opportunities.

Council inspection The town clerk visited both sites on Tuesday 3rd September. She was generally impressed with the standards of plots and the smooth running of the association. She thanked the EDAA committee for their role in enabling the Town council to offer such good allotment facilities for the town.

Ash die back It has been confirmed that there is a problem with ash die back in trees on the Pound Lane boundaries. All but one tree are in fact in the hedges of neighbouring gardens.

PL notice board After many years service Ray Walker's site notice board is finally falling apart. It has been very useful providing a central point for communications so it was agreed to purchase a new one.

Changes in officers Karol Stannard has stepped down from her role of chairing the committee. "Behind the scenes" she has carried out this, sometimes difficult, role with great clarity and diligence. The committee welcomed the news that Tony Hunter will be stepping into her shoes as temporary chair.

After many years of hard work Gill and Roger have both decided to stand down from their roles on the committee. They have worked tirelessly for the association and we thank them on behalf of the membership for the time, energy and dedication they have given to the allotments. We must now begin the difficult task of finding a replacement secretary and president. 

Broken Glass
Broken Glass is a safety hazard on the allotments. The committee would prefer you to take any broken glass on your plot to the council tip.  However this may not always be possible.
Broken glass has been collected from Pound Lane allotments for some months from containers close to the summerhouse and the turning circle.
This facility will start on the Hamilton Lane site in early July with containers placed outside the shop, at Authur's Pass and near the raised beds on the Kingston Road section.
The containers are for broken glass only, not glass in frames. It must fit into the container so needs to be in small pieces. Please do not risk a safety hazard by leaving glass outside the container if the container is full. The containers may fill quickly initially but they will be emptied weekly: you may have to wait a week or so before adding your glass.

Slug pellets Last year DEFRA decided that the chemical metaldehyde "posed an unacceptable risk to birds and mammals" and banned its use from June 2019. We now have new slug pellets in the shop. They are based on Ferric Phosphate, are organic and break down in the soil. At £4.00 per drum these are very competitively priced.

Clean air The committee has been made aware of the District Council's Clean Air Policy and, to that end, has decided to encourage plotholders to compost as much garden waste as possible and reduce the use of bonfires.

Plotholders having a bonfire are reminded that it is important to follow EDAA guidelines carefully so that environmental impact is kept to  minimum:

  • Only dry organic material that is a waste product from the allotment may be burned. Plastics, rubber and other oil-based products must not be burned.
  • A bonfire must not be allowed to give out dense smoke and must be doused if this happens. Smoke should not be allowed to drift towards houses or across nearby highways.
  • No fire should be left unattended.











Family Meal at Pound Lane
Family Meal at Pound Lane Allotments