Plot 251 Time Slots

Please click Read More for time slots.  I have allocated 4 per person.  There are still some gaps which someone could use (Anne?).  You are not expected to visit for 12 hours per week!

Lesson 3: Plot Jobs - 29th March

Coronavirus: John will do any jobs in the polytunnel as mentioned in my recent email, but please read for reference. You now have time slots to do the planting and weeding on plot 251.

Pricking out lettuce and cabbage seedlings

See the EDAA video of pricking out your lettuce and cabbage seedlings.

Plot Jobs - w/c 22nd March 2020

The only urgent task is to plant your radish seedlings.  A single row will accommodate a dozen 'plugs' or modules.  I would move aside the inch or so of surface muck in the narrow row and plant in the soil below; the muck will level out of its own accord. Cover with fleece when planted. Have a look at the ones already planted on plot 3.

Second Lesson of the Veg Course

veg courseWe had our second lesson this morning, 15th March. The aim was to show a variety of indoor seed sowing techniques using guttering, modules, root trainers, seed trays, pots and soil blocks.

We had planned to transplant our radish seedlings but it was too wet.  The sooner they go in the better.

Coronavirus has caused us to rethink how we present the course to enable course members to complete their tasks at a time to suit themselves if they are unable to attend the Sunday morning lessons.  We are using photos and videos to show how to do the tasks.

For this week we have sown for students who were not able to attend.

First Lesson of the Veg Course

rhubarbWe had our first meeting today in the Communal Polytunnel at Hamilton Lane and were fortunate that the rain stayed off and we were treated to a warm polytunnel out of the wind.

Outside, we visited the shop and loo block and the mini-plots on 251, where early crops will be planted, and 162, which will be planted later.  There is still couch grass growing under the plastic on 162 but we hope that this will be less of a problem by the time we plant in May.  We picked some rhubarb from the course leader's plot and tasted tangy mustards in his polytunnel.

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